Summer Term 2006
3 Apr15:15J. Carlos Hidalgo (London) Non-Gaussian Corrections to Primordial Perturbations and Primordial Black Holes Th 216
10 Apr15:15Alexander Kamenshchik (Bologna/Moskow) Smooth dynamical crossing of the phantom divide line in simple cosmological models Th 216
24 Apr15:15Andrei Barvinsky (Moskow) Cosmological branes and macroscopic extra dimension Th 216
8 May15:15Nicolas Boulanger (Mons) Consistent cubic vertices in higher-spin gauge theories Th 216
15 May15:15Marcel Reginatto (Braunschweig) Interacting classical and quantum systems Th 216
22 May15:15Barbara Sandhöfer (Köln) Quantum Phantom Cosmology Th 216
29 May15:15Engelbert Schücking (New York) Active mass under pressure Th 216
26 June15:15Claus Kiefer (Köln) Pointer states for primordial fluctuations in cosmology Th 216
12 June15:15Dirk Pützfeld (Oslo) Motion and Relativity Th 216
3 July15:15Frederic P. Schuller (Mexico City) Geometry of manifolds with area metric (preliminary) Th 216
10 July15:15Joachim Messer (Giessen) The covariant Wigner transformation in semiclassical gravity Th 216