Summer Term 2007
23 April16:00A. Walkus (Breslau) "Quantum field theory of a scalar field at curved spacetime" R 215
7 May16:00K. Volkert (Köln) "Der Raum in der Geschichte der Geometrie" R 215
14 May16:00T. P. Singh (Bombay) "The end state of gravitational collapse: black hole or naked singularity?" R 215
4 June16:00B. Sandhöfer(Köln) "Loop Quantum Cosmology - Part II" R 215
11 June16:00F. Hehl (Köln) "Relativistic analysis of magnetoelectric crystals: extracting a new 4-dimensional P odd and T odd pseudoscalar from Cr_2 O_3 data" R 215
18 June14:00G. Kolland (Köln) "Logarithmische Korrekturen zur Entropie Schwarzer Löcher " KOSMA-Raum (PH1)
18 June16:00J. Pereira (Sao Paulo) "The Nonlinear Essencs of Gravitational Waves" R 215
25 June16:00V. Perlick (Lancaster) "On the hyperbolicity of Maxwell's equations in metric-free form" R 215
3 July16:30M. Albers (Köln) "Messbarkeitsanalyse und Quantengravitation" SR IKP
9 July16:00E. Schücking (New York) "Gravity is indistinguishable from acceleration" R 215
24 September16:00I. Shapiro "Local Conformal Symmetry and its Violation at Quantum Level" R 215