Summer Term 2008
17 April10:00C. Steinwachs (Köln) "Diplomkolloquium" Cosma-Raum
5 May16:00J. Bernad (Budapest) "How to detect the quantum mechanical behaviour of a macroscopic object? " R 215
19 May16:00A. Minkevich (Olsztyn) "Space-time torsion, gravitation and cosmology" R 215
26 May16:00F. Hehl (Köln) "Gauge Theory of Gravity I" R 215
2 June16:00D. Wiltshire (Canterbury) "Gravitational energy as dark energy: Towards concordance cosmology without Lambda" R 215
9 June16:00F. Hehl (Köln) "Gauge Theory of Gravity II" R 215
23 June16:00B. Jancewicz (Wroclaw) "The energy-momentum density in premetric electrodynamics" R 215
30 June16:00D. Polarski (Montpellier) "Dark Energy " R 215
7 July16:00M. Bouhmadi-López (Lissabon) ""Brane-world induced gravity: early and late-time behaviour" R 215
14 July16:00F. Hehl (Köln) "Gauge Theory of Gravity III" R 215
5 August11:00A. Franzen (Köln) "Classical and Quantum gravitational collapse in the Lemaitre-Tolman-Bondi model with positive cosmological constant" Seminarraum Kernphysik