Winter Term 2006/2007
16 Oct15:15T. P. Singh (Bombay) "Can the observed cosmic acceleration be a consequence of cosmic inhomogeneities?" R 215
23 Oct15:15Rainer Praga (Bonn) "Gravitational attacks" on quantum cryptography R 215
30 Oct15:15Friedemann Queißer (Köln) On signatures of Planck-scale interactions in the cosmic microwave background radiation R 215
6 Nov15:15 Agung Budiyono (Dresden) On the Ontological Basis for Quantum Mechanics, Thermodynamics, and General Relativity R 215
13 Nov15:15Mark Albers/ Barbara Sandhöfer (Köln) Report on the 11. Marcel-Grossmann meeting R 215
20 Nov15:15Friedrich Hehl (Köln) Linear connections with propagating spin-3 field in gravity R 215
27 Nov15:15Leo Meyer (Köln) Near-infrared polarimetry setting constraints on the model of an relativistically orbiting spot for Sgr A* flares R 215
4 Dec15:15Yuri Obukhov (Köln) Invariant conserved currents in gravity theories with local Lorentz and diffeomorphism symmetry R 215
11 Dec15:15Ingo Kirsch (ETH Zürich) Dynamical symmetry breakings in gravity R 215
15 Jan15:15Friedrich Hehl Physical dimensions, units, universal constants R 215
22 Jan15:15Barbara Sandhöfer (Köln) Loop Quantum Cosmology R 215
5 Feb15:15Gerhard Kolland (Köln) Quantum Corrections of Black Hole Entropy R 215
12 Feb15:15Shankaranarayanan Subramaniam (Potsdam) Entanglement as the source of black-hole entropy R 215
14 Feb15:15Mark Albers (Köln) About the measurability of the quantized gravitational field R 215