Winter term 2010/2011
26. October12:00M. Blagojevic (Belgrad) Hamiltonian analysis of BHT massive gravity R 215
02. November12:00F. Hehl (Cologne) Poincare gauge theory of gravity: Friedman cosmologies with even and odd parity modes R 215
16. November12:00P. Hajicek (Bern) A new approach to quantum measurement problem: cluster separability R 215
22. November10:15M. Krämer (Cologne) (Diploma colloquium) Konferenzraum II, Bonn
23. November12:00F. Queisser (Cologne) (Disputation) R 215
30. November12:00W. Valkenburg (Aachen) Pushing the Void to the limits: a good fit to CMB, BAO, SN and HST. R 215
07. December12:00V. Spillner (Bonn, Heidelberg) Do We Understand Quantum Mechanics? R 215
09. December12:00 Der Vortrag von Alexei Starobinsky am 9.12. fällt leider aus! Inflation, reheating and present acceleration of the Universe in f(R) gravity Konferenzraum
14. December12:00M. Köhn (Potsdam) Arithmetic Quantum Gravity R 215
11. January12:00L. Lorenz (Louvain-la-Neuve) Cosmic String Loop Distribution with a Gravitational Wave Cutoff R 215
13. January12:00A. Kamenshchik (Moskow/Bologna) Tolman-Oppenheimer-Volkoff equations in presence of the Chaplygin gas: stars and wormhole-like solutions. Konferenzraum
18. January12:00C. Stephan (Bonn) Phenomenological Aspects of F-Theory GUTs R 215
25. January12:00M. Krämer (Cologne) Quantum gravitational contributions to the CMB anisotropy spectrum R 215
08. February12:00G. Matura (Cologne) (Diploma colloquium) R 215