Seminar on Statistical Biology - Topical Focus: The physics of drug resistance


Berenike Maier, Johannes Berg and Joachim Krug

Resistance to drug treatment is a problem of growing importance in many areas of medicine. This seminar starts with a look at the mechanisms of drug resistance both in microbial infections and in cancer.
Then statistical and dynamical approaches will be explored which describe the evolution of drug resistance in a population of cells. One aspect of particular interest from the point of view of physics is the
effect of spatial structure: when drug concentrations are uneven, cells first develop resistance in areas of low drug levels before successfully spreading to areas of higher concentrations.

Specific topics include You can find further information on these topics in this presentation. Prasanna Bhogale is in charge of scheduling (


Thursday 12:00, Seminar Room Theoretical Physics
The first meeting is Thursday 16.10.

Picture credit: Acquisition of multi-drug resistance in biofilm. Red and green cells carry single resistance genes. Yellow cells are doubly-resistant. Copyright Berenike Maier.