Seminar on Statistical Biology: Stochastic thermodynamics and biophysical applications


Johannes Berg, Tobias Bollenbach, Joachim Krug, Michael Lässig, Berenike Maier, Benedikt Sabass

This seminar covers the theoretical and experimental tools to describe stochastic dynamics, in particular stochastic thermodynamics.
We then look at biological systems as key applications of stochastic dynamics: large enough to warrant a statistical description but too small
to invoke the thermodynamic limit.


Fridays 10:00, Seminar Room 2 New Building Theoretical Physics
The first meeting is Friday 13.10. Please contact the faculty member in charge of your topic for literature pointers well in advance of your presentation.


Introduction to stochastic systems:

N.G. van Kampen, Stochastic Processes in Physics and Chemistry, North Holland

Review articles and overviews:

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Materials for the individual seminar topics will be provided separately.

Picture credit: Brownian Motion on a Sphere, picture created by Christian Bayer and Thomas Steiner. See here for details and licensing.