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Evolution of regulation

Can the complexity of molecular interaction networks account for the bewildering diversity of organisms and species, and for their rapid adaptation to different environments? Interactions between genes are themselves encoded in the genome: Specific proteins (called transcription factors) bind to their corresponding target sites on the DNA, thereby enhancing or reducing the transcription of a nearby gene. Our work on regulation is mainly concerned with fitness effects of regulatory interactions, their inference from genomic data, and their consequences for the evolution of regulation. This work links the biophysics of protein-DNA interactions with the evolution of their biological function. In a recent experimental study, we carry this approach to the fitness landscape of an entire metabolic pathway, which depends on its regulatory sequence and on the environment of the cell. Another recent paper explores the joint fitness effects of nucleosome positioning and regulatory binding sites in the yeast genome.

A segment of regulatory DNA in a eukaryotic cell with many binding sites for various transcription factors (Davidson lab).
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