Johannes Berg
Johannes Berg

Statistical physics of biological systems

  • genetic regulation and gene expression
  • networks of bio-molecular interactions

Disordered systems

  • inverse problems in statistical physics
  • extreme value statistics
  • spin glasses, neural networks, game theory

Selected publications

Summer Schools

2009 Physics of Biological Function, 435th WE Heraeus Seminar, Bad Honnef
2008 Theoretical Approaches for the Genome, Annecy-le-Vieux (France),
organized by Laboratory of Theoretical Physics and Laboratory of Mathematics, Université de Savoie
2007 Physbio 2007: Systemic approaches to biological physics , St Etienne de Tinée,
organized by A. Ott, F. Jülicher, R. Goldstein
"Random Shapes" Institute for Pure & Applied Mathematics , UCLA
NATO-ISE Advanced Study Institute in Physics, Geilo, Norway
2006 Les Houches Summer School Complex Systems,
organized by J.-P. Bouchaud and M. Mézard
2005 Biological Networks: genetic regulation and protein interactions, workshop at the ISI (Turin),
organized with M. Leone, A. Pagnani, and M. Weigt
2004 Paradoxa of special relativity, summer school of the Studienstiftung, with A. Engel


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