Prof. Dr. Andreas Schadschneider

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Research Projects

  1. DFG-Project on Jamming in Pedestrian Streams
  2. HERMES (Investigation of an evacuation assistant for use in emergencies during large-scale public events)
  3. SFB 608 (Complex Transition Metal Compounds with Spin and Charge Degrees of Freedom and Disorder)
  4. Interdisciplinary Center for Complex Systems (IZKS)
  5. PedNet (Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics NETwork)



Personal information

Further Reading

  1. Habilitation Thesis:
    Diskrete stochastische Systeme in niedrigen Dimensionen: Die Physik des Straßenverkehrs
  2. Doctoral Thesis:
    Über die Spektren exakt lösbarer Modelle korrelierter Fermionen
  3. Diploma Thesis:
    Die Invertierungsrelationsmethode: Der Phasenübergang des Potts-Modells und das Spektrum des Hubbard-Modells

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