Computational Many-Body Physics
summer 2018

Mon 14.00 - 15.30 | E0.03 THP
Wed 16.00 - 17.30 | E0.03 THP


The lecture will provide an overview of modern numerical approaches to many-body systems, both classical and quantum. The in-depth introduction of elementary algorithms will be complemented by application of these methods to fundamental models and phenomena, mostly arising in the context of condensed matter physics, but we might branch out to other fields as well.


A tentative list of topics includes


Tutorials will be held every other week (in one of the lecture time slots). We will start on Wednesday, April 18th. The exercise sheets, which will be coordinated by Jan Attig, will guide you through small projects implementing and applying some of the numerical methods discussed in the lecture.


Mailing list

We have created a mailing list for this lecture, which will be used to send out further information regarding the lectures, exercise classes, and homework assignments.
We ask all students to sign up for this mailing list.


General textbooks
Specialized literature


The course is intended for master students; it builds on a bachelor level introduction to computational physics as it is taught in many places around the world. If you have not taken such a course, take a look at a recent version of such an introductory course by our group, e.g. Computer-Physik 2016.

We do expect you to have light programming experience, preferably in Julia (which we have been teaching since summer 2016 in the undergraduate course).