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  • Martin Gembé, Lasse Gresista, Heinz-Jürgen Schmidt, Ciarán Hickey, Yasir Iqbal, and Simon Trebst
    Noncoplanar orders and quantum disordered states in maple-leaf antiferromagnets
    arXiv:2402.09400, [data: 10.5281/zenodo.10658313]

  • Yoshito Watanabe, Simon Trebst, and Ciarán Hickey
    Exploring Two-dimensional Coherent Spectroscopy with Exact Diagonalization:
    Spinons and Confinement in 1D Quantum Magnets

    arXiv:2401.17266, [data: 10.5281/zenodo.10636275]

  • T. Müller, D. Kiese, N. Niggemann, B. Sbierski, J. Reuther, S. Trebst, R. Thomale, and Y. Iqbal
    Pseudo-fermion functional renormalization group for spin models
    Rep. Prog. Phys. 87, 036501 (2024).


  • D. Basilewitsch, S.-D. Börner, C. Berke, A. Altland, S. Trebst, and C. P. Koch
    Chaotic fluctuations in a universal set of transmon qubit gates
    arXiv:2311.14592, [gate protocols & data: 10.5281/zenodo.10160592]

  • Kai Meinerz, Simon Trebst, Mark Rudner, and Evert van Nieuwenburg
    The Quantum Cartpole: A benchmark environment for non-linear reinforcement learning
    arXiv:2311.00756, [codes & data: 10.5281/zenodo.10036492]

  • M. Magnaterra, K. Hopfer, C.J. Sahle, M. Moretti Sala, G. Monaco, J. Attig, C. Hickey, I.-M. Pietsch, F. Breitner, P. Gegenwart, M.H. Upton, J. Kim, S. Trebst, P.H.M. van Loosdrecht, J. van den Brink, M. Grüninger
    RIXS observation of bond-directional nearest-neighbor excitations in the Kitaev material Na2IrO3

  • Lasse Gresista, Ciarán Hickey, Simon Trebst, and Yasir Iqbal
    Candidate quantum disordered intermediate phase in the Heisenberg antiferromagnet on the maple-leaf lattice
    Phys. Rev. B 108, L241116 (2023), [data: 10.5281/zenodo.10377472]

  • Martin Gembé, Heinz-Jürgen Schmidt, Ciarán Hickey, Johannes Richter, Yasir Iqbal, and Simon Trebst
    Non-Coplanar Magnetic Orders in Classical Square-Kagome Antiferromagnets
    Phys. Rev. Research 5, 043204 (2023), [data: 10.5281/zenodo.10218427]

  • Lasse Gresista, Dominik Kiese, Simon Trebst, and Michael M. Scherer
    Spin-valley magnetism on the triangular moiré lattice with SU(4) breaking interactions
    Phys. Rev. B 108, 045102 (2023).

  • Jeyong Park, Lasse Gresista, Simon Trebst, Achim Rosch, and Jinhong Park
    Network of chiral one-dimensional channels and localized states emerging in a moiré system
    2D Materials 10, 035033 (2023).

  • Guo-Yi Zhu, Ji-Yao Chen, Peng Ye, and Simon Trebst
    Topological Fracton Quantum Phase Transitions by Tuning Exact Tensor Network States
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 130, 216704 (2023).

  • D. Kiese, F. Ferrari, N. Astrakhantsev, N.Niggemann, P. Ghosh, T. Müller, R. Thomale, T. Neupert, J. Reuther, M. J. P. Gingras, S. Trebst, and Y. Iqbal
    Pinch-points to half-moons and up in the stars: the kagome skymap
    Phys. Rev. Research 5, L012025 (2023).




  • Tim Eschmann, Vatsal Dwivedi, Henry F. Legg, Ciarán Hickey, and Simon Trebst
    Partial flux ordering and thermal Majorana metals in higher-order spin liquids
    Phys. Rev. Research 2, 043159 (2020).

  • A. Revelli, M. Moretti Sala, G. Monaco, C. Hickey, P. Becker, F. Freund, A. Jesche, P. Gegenwart, T. Eschmann, F. L. Buessen, S. Trebst, P. H. M. van Loosdrecht, J. van den Brink, and M. Grüninger
    Fingerprints of Kitaev physics in the magnetic excitations of honeycomb iridates
    Phys. Rev. Research 2, 043094 (2020).

  • T. Eschmann, P. A. Mishchenko, K. O'Brien, T. A. Bojesen, Y. Kato, M. Hermanns, Y. Motome, and S. Trebst
    Thermodynamic classification of three-dimensional Kitaev spin liquids
    Phys. Rev. B 102, 075125 (2020).

  • Frederic Freyer, SungBin Lee, Yong-Baek Kim, Simon Trebst, and Arun Paramekanti
    Thermal and field-induced transitions in ferroquadrupolar Kondo systems
    Phys. Rev. Research 2, 033176 (2020).

  • Christoph Berke, Simon Trebst, and Ciarán Hickey
    Field stability of Majorana spin liquids in antiferromagnetic Kitaev models
    Phys. Rev. B 101, 214442 (2020).

  • Ciarán Hickey, Christoph Berke, Panagiotis Peter Stavropoulos, Hae-Young Kee, and Simon Trebst
    Field-Driven Gapless Spin Liquid in the Spin-1 Kitaev Honeycomb Model
    Phys. Rev. Research 2, 023361 (2020).

  • Carsten Bauer, Yoni Schattner, Simon Trebst, and Erez Berg
    Hierarchy of energy scales in an O(3) symmetric antiferromagnetic quantum critical metal:
    a Monte Carlo study

    Phys. Rev. Research 2, 023008 (2020).

  • Dominik Kiese, Finn Lasse Buessen, Ciarán Hickey, Simon Trebst, and Michael M. Scherer
    Emergence and stability of spin-valley entangled quantum liquids in moiré heterostructures
    Phys. Rev. Research 2, 013370 (2020).

  • P. A. Mishchenko, Y. Kato, K. O'Brien, T. A. Bojesen, T. Eschmann, M. Hermanns, S. Trebst, and Y. Motome
    Chiral spin liquids with crystalline Z2 gauge order in a three-dimensional Kitaev model
    Phys. Rev. B 101, 045118 (2020).
    Editors' suggestion.



  • SungBin Lee, Simon Trebst, Yong Baek Kim, and Arun Paramekanti
    Landau theory of multipolar orders in Pr(TM)2X20 Kondo materials
    Phys. Rev. B 98, 134447 (2018).

  • Dennis Wawrzik, David Lindner, Maria Hermanns, and Simon Trebst
    Topological semimetals and insulators in three-dimensional honeycomb materials
    Phys. Rev. B 98, 115114 (2018).

  • Vatsal Dwivedi, Ciarán Hickey, Tim Eschmann, and Simon Trebst
    Majorana Corner Modes in a Second-Order Kitaev Spin Liquid
    Phys. Rev. B 98, 054432 (2018).

  • Frederic Freyer, Jan Attig, SungBin Lee, Arun Paramekanti, Simon Trebst, and Yong Baek Kim
    Two-stage multipolar ordering in Pr(TM)2Al20 Kondo materials
    Phys. Rev. B 97, 115111 (2018).

  • Finn Lasse Buessen, Max Hering, Johannes Reuther, and Simon Trebst
    Quantum Spin Liquids in Frustrated Spin-1 Diamond Antiferromagnets
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 120, 057201 (2018).

  • Finn Lasse Buessen, Dietrich Roscher, Sebastian Diehl, and Simon Trebst
    Functional renormalization group approach to SU(N) Heisenberg models:
    Real-space RG at arbitrary N

    Phys. Rev. B 97, 064415 (2018).

  • Dietrich Roscher, Finn Lasse Buessen, Michael M. Scherer, Simon Trebst, and Sebastian Diehl
    Functional renormalization group approach to SU(N) Heisenberg models:
    Momentum-space RG for the large-N limit

    Phys. Rev. B 97, 064416 (2018).

  • Simon Trebst and Achim Rosch
    Quanten-Hall-Effekt 4.0
    Physik Journal 17/8-9, 26-27 (2018).







  • C.R. Laumann, D.A. Huse, A.W.W. Ludwig, G. Refael, S. Trebst, and M. Troyer
    Strong-disorder renormalization for interacting non-Abelian anyon systems in two dimensions
    Phys. Rev. B 85, 224201 (2012).

  • Ville Lahtinen, Andreas W.W. Ludwig, Jiannis K. Pachos, and Simon Trebst
    Topological liquid nucleation induced by vortex-vortex interactions in Kitaev's honeycomb model
    Phys. Rev. B 86, 075115 (2012).

  • M.H. Freedman, J. Gukelberger, M.B. Hastings, S. Trebst, M. Troyer, and Z. Wang
    Galois Conjugates of Topological Phases
    Phys. Rev. B 85, 045414 (2012).
    Editors' suggestion.

  • R.N.C. Pfeifer, O. Buerschaper, S. Trebst, A.W.W. Ludwig, M. Troyer, and G. Vidal
    Translation invariance, topology, and protection of criticality in chains of interacting anyons
    Phys. Rev. B 86, 155111 (2012).



  • Andre van Rynbach, Synge Todo, and Simon Trebst
    Orbital ordering in eg orbital systems: Ground states and thermodynamics of the 120 degree model
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 146402 (2010).

  • Bela Bauer, Emanuel Gull, Simon Trebst, Matthias Troyer, and David A. Huse
    Optimized broad-histogram simulations for strong first-order phase transitions: Droplet transitions in the large-Q Potts model
    J. Stat. Mech. P01020 (2010).


  • C. Gils, E. Ardonne, S. Trebst, A. W. W. Ludwig, M. Troyer, and Z. Wang
    Collective States of Interacting Anyons, Edge States, and the Nucleation of Topological Liquids
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 103, 070401 (2009).
    Virtual Journal of Atomic Quantum Fluids, September (2009).
    100+ citations

  • Gang Chen, Jan Gukelberger, Simon Trebst, Fabien Alet, and Leon Balents
    Coulomb gas transitions in three-dimensional classical dimer models
    Phys. Rev. B 80, 045112 (2009).

  • E.M. Stoudenmire, Simon Trebst, and Leon Balents
    Quadrupolar correlations and spin freezing in S = 1 triangular lattice antiferromagnets
    Phys. Rev. B 79, 214436 (2009).
    100+ citations



  • S. Wessel, N. Stoop, E. Gull, S. Trebst, and M. Troyer
    Optimized Broad-Histogram Ensembles for the Simulation of Quantum Systems
    J. Stat. Mech. P12005 (2007).

  • Simon Trebst and U.H.E. Hansmann
    Optimized folding simulations of protein A
    Eur. Phys. J. E 24, 311 (2007).


  • Andreas Läuchli, Guido Schmid, Simon Trebst
    Spin nematic correlations in bilinear-biquadratic S=1 spin chains
    Phys. Rev. B 74, 144426 (2006).
    200+ citations

  • Simon Trebst, Ulrich Schollwöck, Matthias Troyer, Peter Zoller
    d-wave resonating valence bond states of fermionic atoms in optical lattices
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 250402 (2006).
    100+ citations

  • Simon Trebst, Hartmut Monien, Axel Grzesik, Manfred Sigrist
    Quasiparticle Dynamics in the Kondo Lattice Model at Half Filling
    Phys. Rev. B 73, 165101 (2006).


  • Simon Trebst, Emanuel Gull, Matthias Troyer
    Optimized ensemble Monte Carlo simulations of dense Lennard-Jones fluids
    J. Chem. Phys. 123, 204501 (2005).

  • Y. Wu, M. Körner, L. Colonna-Romano, S. Trebst, H. Gould, J. Machta, M. Troyer
    Overcoming the critical slowing down of flat-histogram Monte Carlo simulations:
    Cluster updates and optimized broad-histogram ensembles

    Phys. Rev. E 72, 046704 (2005).

  • S. Wessel, F. Alet, S. Trebst, D. Leumann, M. Troyer, G. G. Batrouni
    Bosons in optical lattices - from the Mott transition to the Tonks gas regime
    J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. Suppl. 74, 10 (2005).

  • S. Wessel, S. Trebst, M. Troyer
    A multiscale approach to simulations of quantum effects in nano-scale magnetic systems
    SIAM Multiscale Modeling and Simulation (MMS) Journal 4, 237 (2005).


  • S. Alder, S. Trebst, A. K. Hartmann, M. Troyer
    Dynamics of the Wang-Landau algorithm and Complexity of rare events for the three-dimensional bimodal Ising spin glass
    J. Stat. Mech. P07008 (2004).

  • P. Dayal, S. Trebst, S. Wessel, D. Würtz, M. Troyer, S. Sabhapandit, and S. N. Coppersmith
    Performance Limitations of Flat Histogram Methods
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 92, 097201 (2004).
    150+ citations

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