Prof. Martin R. Zirnbauer

Lecture Notes

Advanced quantum mechanics (WS 2010/11, WS 2017/18) (PDF)

Topology for physicists (SS 2011, WS 2013/14, SS 2017) (PDF)

Maxwell in Chains (summer term 2016, mostly in German) (PDF)

Classical theoretical physics II (winter term 2015/16, in German) (PDF)

Classical theoretical physics I (summer term 2015, mostly in German) (PDF)

First-semester course on calculus (winter term 2014/15, in German) (PDF)

Quantum field theory I (summer term 2014, 2018) (PDF)

Quantum field theory II (winter term 2012/13) (PDF)

Colloquium talk: Maxwell in Chains (slides) (text)

Classical electrodynamics (winter term 2011/12, work in progress) (PDF)

First-semester course on calculus (summer term 2010, in German) (PDF)

Quantum theory (summer term 2013, in German) (PDF)

Classical mechanics (summer term 2000, in German) (PDF)

Classical electrodynamics (1998, in German) (PDF)

90 min introduction on conformal field theory (Feb 2013) (PDF)

Morse Theory and Bott Periodicity (July 2014) (PDF)

Nonlinear sigma models for (super-)spin chains (Aug 2016) (PDF)

3 Lectures: Aspects of Symmetry and Topology for Free-Fermion Ground States with Disorder (Summer School of CRC 183, Bad Honnef, June 2017) (PDF)

2 Lectures: Quantum mechanics and the gauge principle (DPG Summer School, Bad Honnef, Sept 2017) (PDF)

Winter Term 2018/19

Lecture Notes