Winter term 2023/24


Gravitational redshift induces quantum interference

Abstract: The evolution of primordial fluctuations in the early universe is accompanied by a production of gravitational waves. The so-called induced gravitational waves are the cosmic messenger of primordial fluctuations on the smallest scales, which may have been generated during cosmic inflation. In this talk, I will provide a general overview of the induced gravitational waves and discuss how we can use them to probe the primordial universe. At the end, I will focus on signals from the primordial black hole dominated early universe. The topic of this talk is one of the research themes of the new Emmy Noether group at the ITP Hannover.


Dark Energy and some of its potential gravitational effects

Abstract: In the current talk, we present several Dark Energy models ranging from perfect fluid, imperfect fluid, scalar fields to 3-forms. We present observational constraints on them. For those models that show a phantom or a phantom-like behaviour, i.e. some energy condition violations, it can be shown their harmlessness from a quantum point of view, i.e. the singularities or abrupt events they might induce are cured at the quantum level. In addition, some of those models can support regular blackholes as well as wormholes that do not require matter with a wrong kinetic term.


Date Time Speaker Topic Room
Oct 17 12:00 Luis Adrián Alanís
(Universität zu Köln)
Photon Polarization in Curved Spacetime 0.01 new building
Oct 25 12:00 Guillem Domènech
(Universität Hannover)
Gravitational waves from primordial fluctuations 0.03 new building
Nov 21 12:00 Mariam Bouhmadi-López
(Ikerbasque and the University of the Baque Country (Spain))
Dark Energy and some of its potential gravitational effects 0.01 new building
Dec 5 12:00 Philipp Strasberg
(Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
Jan 30 12:00 Tatevik Vardanyan
(Universität zu Köln)
Particle creation in Bianchi IX universe 0.01 new building


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