List of Publications for the group of Achim Rosch THIS LIST IS NOT UP-TO-DATE

The list includes links to the preprint server for most of the papers. The published version can differ slightly from the preprint.
A list of publications of Achim Rosch only (without preprints but with citations) on arXiv can be found here here and on web-of-science here.

PhD theses of the group can be found here


PhD Theses

Phase-Space Berry Phases in Chiral Magnets
Robert Bamler, 2016

Fluctuations in and out of Equilibrium: Thermalization, quantum measurements and Coulomb disorder
Jonathan Lux, 2016

Skyrmions and Monopoles in Chiral Magnets & Correlated Heterostructures
Christoph Schütte, 2014

Mott Transition and Quantum Critical Metamagnetism on Compressible Lattices
Mario Zacharias, 2013

Current-Induced Dynamics of Chiral Magnetic Structures: Skyrmions, Emergent Electrodynamics and Spin-Transfer Torques
Karin Everschor, 2012

Quantum Hall Efect and Surface Criticality in 3D Topological Insulators
Matthias Sitte, 2012

Quantum Critical Matter: Quantum Phase Transitions with Multiple Dynamics and Weyl Superconductors
Tobias Meng, 2012

Transport and Non-Equilibrium Dynamics in Optical Lattices: from Expanding Atomic Clouds to Negative Absolute Temperatures
Stephan Mandt, 2012

Transport Theory in Low Dimensional Systems: from Thermoelectric Effects in Luttinger Liquids to Hydrodynamic Expansion of Cold Atoms
David Rasch, 2010

Dynamical Mean Field Theory of inhomogeneous correlated systems
Rolf Helmes, 2008

Transport and Approximate Conservation Laws in Low Dimensional Systems
Peter Jung, 2007

Metallic Magnets without Inversion Symmetry and Antiferromagnetic Quantum Critical Points
Inga Fischer, 2006

Application of field theoretical methods to problems in mesoscopic physics
Tobias Micklitz, 2006 (group of Alexander Altland, chapter 2 describes our joint collaboration on the dephasing rate due to Kondo impurities)

Quantum phase transitions: Grüneisen parameter, dimensional crossover and coupled impurities
Markus Garst, 2004

Master and Diploma Theses

Strongly correlated critical chiral paramagnets
Laura Köhler, 11/2015

Quantum Criticality of Crystals
Christopher Max, 1/2015

Skyrmions in Chiral Magnets: The Influence of Vacancies
Jan Müller, 6/2014

Dynamics in chiral magnets: magnetic and electric excitations of helices and skyrmions
Johannes Waizner, 4/2013

Coupled Anisotropic Heisenberg Chains in a Transverse Field
Benjamin Buldmann, 8/2012

Fluctuation-Driven First-Order Transition in the Chiral Magnet MnSi
Pascal Krautscheid, 10/2011

Manipulating Magnetic Structures in Chiral Metals by Currents
Karin Everschor, 6/2009

The Quadrupolar Pomeranchuk Instability: Interplay of Multiple Critical Modes with Different Dynamics
Mario Zacharias, 1/2009

Quantum Criticality at a Conductance Plateau Transition in a Quantum Wire
Matthias Sitte, 6/2008

Bachelor Theses

Puddlebildung in vollständig kompensierten topologischen Isolatoren
Thomas Bömerich 7/2017

Hydrodynamische Fluktuationen in einem Strom führenden eindimensionalen Draht
Marcel Gievers 7/2017

Streuung in periodisch getriebenen Quantensystemen
Matthias Pukrop 6/2016

Einfluss der Magnetfeldorientierung auf dünne Schichten chiraler Magnete
Christian Faber 6/2016

Einfluss des Tunnelns durch das Vakuum auf Messungen der lokalen Zustandsdichte in Graphen in Anwesenheit einer Storstelle
David Mikhail 8/2015

Thermalization and Integrability in the one-dimensional Bose-Hubbard Model
Marvin Pinkwart 7/2014

Equilibrierung und Hydrodynamik in offenen Systemen
Florian Lange 5/2014

Singuläre Diffusionsgleichungen
Johanna Meuertzheim 2/2013

Zeitabhängige Störung topologisch geschützter Zustände realisiert mit einem Quantum Walk
Johannes Schmidt 7/2012

Chirale Magneten in dünnen Schichten: Einfluss der Magnetfeldorientierung auf magnetische Strukturen
Jan Müller, 7/2012

Berry Phase Physics and Spin-Scattering in Time-Dependent Magnetic Fields
Sarah Schroeter, 7/2012

Time-Dependent Disorder in a Topological Insulator Realised with a Quantum Walk
Jan Gelhausen, 1/2012

Quantum Ratchets
Stefan Wolff, 1/2012

Berry-Phase und Spinstreuung
Mascha Baedorf, 10/2011